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    Leadership Matrix

    The Leadership Project for America’s Leadership Matrix spells out ten characteristics of what makes a great leader, revealing relative strengths as well as critical shortcomings in character, effectiveness and a commitment to limited constitutional government. The LPA PAC then takes the Presidential Leadership Matrix and rates leaders on both general and specific issues, giving a specific score for each category, which is compiled into a total overall score:

    Commitment to Limited Constitutional Government

    Free Market Economic Principles (0-10)

    • Does the leader champion opportunity and fairness for all in the marketplace?
    • Has the leader demonstrated a clear understanding of free market policies?
    • Does the formal record show that the leader supports lower taxes, free trade, less government regulation, privatization and balanced budgets?
    • Has the leader compromised free market principles when pressured by business or special interests?
    • Has the leader publicly expressed opposition to corporate welfare and cronyism?
    • Does the leader’s life embody “earned success” over entitlements?

    A Strong National Security (0-10)

    • Has the leader demonstrated support for the U.S. military?
    • Is the leader committed to fighting terrorism and upholding national sovereignty?
    • Does the leader understand and advance the national interest or does the leader speak more often about isolation and “disengagement”?

    American Exceptionalism (0-10)

    • Does the leader demonstrate a clear understanding of the rule of law and the Bill of Rights and embrace the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution?
    • Has the leader supported/defended/appointed judges who protect the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution?
    • Does the leader endorse family as the fundamental unit of a free society?
    • Has the leader demonstrated support for religious freedom?
    • Does the leader support a strong education system?
    • Does the leader support intelligent immigration reform?
    • Has the leader endorsed helping the vulnerable and protecting a trustworthy safety net for the poor and needy?


    Consistency (0-10)

    • Does the leader demonstrate a consistent principled approach toward governing?
    • Has the leader kept campaign promises?
    • Has the leader remained principled even in necessary compromise?

    Ethics (0-10)

    • Is the leader’s integrity in question?
    • Has the leader avoided cronyism?
    • Has the leader instituted rules for the campaign team/staff/organization to minimize conflicts of interest?

    Moral Compass (0-10)

    • Is it well known that the leader expresses and lives by a moral code?
    • Does the leader express legal and policy ideas from a basis of first principles?


    Accomplishments and Bold Ideas (0-10)

    • Does the leader have actual political experience?
    • Has the leader effectively promoted and/or defended limited government?
    • Has the leader effectively expressed and/or implemented innovative ideas in the cause of freedom?
    • Does the leader quickly understand and easily embrace principled ideas?

    Coalition Building, Political Skills and Network (0-10)

    • Has the leader demonstrated prudence in decision making?
    • Does outreach and working with diverse political interests come easy for the leader?
    • How has the leader acted in difficult political circumstances?
    • Who are the leader’s friends, associates, staff and closest advisers?

    Effective Communication (0-10)

    • Does the leader share a clear vision of a free society?
    • Does the leader emanate empathy?
    • Does the leader see “people as people” or does the leader tend to objectify people?
    • Can the leader express complex ideas simply?
    • Does the leader excite and inspire citizens?


    Fundraising (0-5)

    • Where does the leader stand in fundraising?

    Central weakness/ability to overcome (0-5)

    • What is the leader’s central weakness as a candidate?
    • Has the leader demonstrated ability and interest in overcoming this central weakness?