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    The Popular Vote


    Get Involved – Grade The Candidates Yourself

    In the United States, presidential candidates are chosen, ultimately, by the Electoral College. Even so, every four years Americans go to the polls to elect the next president. It’s quite possible that the candidate who receives the most popular votes isn’t the candidate selected by the Electoral College (think Al Gore!). LPA recognizes that people might disagree about how we score the candidates. You might agree or disagree, but we won’t know unless you take the time to score the candidates yourself. Let us know how you think the candidates measure up. Use LPA’s Leadership Matrix and score them for yourself.

    How to Submit Your Rating

    • Step 1: Sign in, if you haven’t already done so, here.
    • Step 2: Get familiar with LPA’s leadership criteria here.
    • Step 3: Select and read a candidate’s profile here.
    • Step 4: Score the candidates here.