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Leadership Project for America PAC

America stands at a crossroads, desperately in need of political leadership to rally citizens around a vision that draws upon all that is great about this country.

That vision includes free markets to unleash our competitive spirit and create economic growth and prosperity, a national security and foreign policy agenda that protects and promotes America's interests around the world, and a unique system of limited, constitutional government that protects our freedoms, encourages decency and brings out the best in all of us.

Leadership Project for America PAC is dedicated to researching and grading all major candidates based on their record and public statements as well as their character and leadership abilities.

Our Principles

Opportunity for All

requires a growing economy, a strong education system, and intelligent immigration reform.

Fairness for All

requires government spending discipline, a simpler tax system, and an end to corporate welfare and cronyism.

Defending the Vulnerable

requires a trustworthy safety net, encouragement of a culture that promotes earned success, and a more stable economy.

Security and Safety

requires loyalty to our allies, firmness versus our adversaries, and free and open global trade.

American Exceptionalism

derives from a belief in family, faith, vocation, community, and equal opportunity.